Virtual Expo International Award

Eligible: students 
Register/Submit: 31 December 2010 
Registration fee: none 

Have you graduated from college? Have you finished University? Upload your project!
The purpose of the awards are to increase the visibility of the winning projects and to acknowledge the skills of their authors.
Therefore, every two months 10 projects will be selected based upon the number of Web site visits, their countries of provenance and the number of votes received in the previous two months .  The breakdown of the voting schedule is as follows: March-April, May-June, July-August, September-October, November-December
The results will be announced on the month after the voting period is complete.
The awards consist of:
  • PUBLICATION on a special page of the Degree & Profession Web site that will increase the visibility of the project. This page will be promoted to the network of Degree & Profession professionals and professors;
  • CERTIFICATION of the contest results, which will be sent via e-mail;
  • FREE EXHIBITION during the 2011 Florence World Festival in a special section of the Degree Expo. The winners should send a *.*pdf of their poster to using the given layout. The cost of color printing will be covered by the organizers;
  • FREE EXHIBITION during the Regional Festivals around the world and SPECIAL CERTIFICATION. The participation will be based upon the agreements with the organizers of each Festival. The organization and the cost of the exposition will be covered by the organizers. 
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