3rd Coast Atlas

Eligible: students, professionals
Register/Submit: 30 August 2010
Registration fee: none

3rd Coast Atlas is a platform for research and design initiatives that explore the urbanization, landscape, infrastructure and ecology of the Great Lakes Basin and Great Lakes Megaregion. 3CA was initiated in 2009 by Clare Lyster, University of Illinois, Chicago; Charles Waldheim, Harvard University, and Mason White, University of Toronto. The research and collection of submissions will lead to a publication manuscript.

Submissions will be evaluated by the editors (and where necessary an independent editorial board) depending upon three criteria:

1.Quality of original intellectual and representational content and its contribution to the overall collection.
2.Relevance to sites and or subjects within the Great Lakes Drainage Basin. See map above and caption for details on geographic limits.
3.Relevance to the categories outlined for the publication.

Submission of original work not previously published is encouraged. The editors may include selected reprints of essays, projects, or visual representations that while previously published contribute consequentially to the understanding of the topic and the coherence of the collection. The publication seeks submissions from multiple disciplines that have scholarship and practical expertise in the areas of urbanism, ecology, geography, hydrology, agriculture, landscape design, and cultural theory with a focus on the Great Lakes Basin. The aim of the publication is to include exemplary work from both established professionals as well as emerging voices. As general rule, student work will not be included. However, the editors reserve the right to invite graduate students to expand and augment work originally conceived as part of their graduate work.

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