Panama Canal Competition

Eligible: students, professionals
Register/Submit: 1 October 2010
Registration fee: none

As a celebration of our school´s 10th anniversary and in commemoration of the 200 years of the independence movement  in most Latin American countries, ISTHMUS (Escuela de Arquitectura y Diseño de América Latina y el Caribe),  is sponsoring a competition to submit, through creative far-fetched proposals, new images for the Panama Canal. 

This construction is one of the modern wonders of the world and one of the most important symbols of our continent. The crossing between the oceans is an exceptional and unforgettable experience.  How can it be enhanced? What can be done to make it even more memorable?

Up to three proposals of the intervened image of one of the Canal Locks (Miraflores) can be submitted. The image should be accompanied by a short explanatory text. There are no cash prizes, but an effort is being done to include all the submissions in a final publication, and to obtain funding for awards which will be announced as available.

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