Seattle Central Waterfront Competition

Eligible: professionals
Register/Submit: 4 August 2010
Registration fee: none

Project Summary
The Central Waterfront Project is one of the most significant civic projects in Seattle’s 150-year history. With the decision to remove the aging Alaskan Way Viaduct and replace the Elliott Bay Seawall, Seattle has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reclaim its downtown waterfront, reconnect the city to Elliott Bay, and set an example for the sustainable development of the rapidly-urbanizing Puget Sound shoreline. As important, we have the opportunity to create a new “heart” for our City – a dynamic and forward-looking public space accessible and attractive to people from all walks of life, and connecting both the physical and the cultural fabric of our city to Elliott Bay.

The City of Seattle is seeking an integrated design team of exceptional talent and experience to assist in achieving this vision. The scope of work includes:
  • A framework plan that establishes the broader planning context for the project;
  • Design of the following specific elements;
    • A new multi-modal street along Alaskan Way and the existing SR99 alignment,  between King Street and Elliott and Western Avenues near the south portal of the existing Battery Street Tunnel
    • More than 9 acres of new public spaces
    • New drainage and combined sewer overflow (CSO) facilities, and relocation of existing utilities,  and
  • Development and implementation of  a robust outreach and engagement strategy in partnership with the City and Seattle Waterfront Steering Committee, with the goal of ensuring citywide engagement in the design process, and a broad sense of ownership and support for this project. 

Design Budget
The estimated budget for the planning and design of the entire Project is $50 to 70 million.  The budget for design work in Phase I (first two years) is expected to be $4 to 6 million.

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