Square of Theatre in Athens

Eligible: professionals
Register: 10 September 2010 / Submit: 30 September 2010
Registration fee: none
Prize: 12000-5000 € 

Proclamation of competition of preliminary drafts on the “Reformation of region of Square of Theatre”.  Object of competition is the replanning of Square of Theatre, road of theatre, road Djpla’ri, as well as two slashes in the road Mena’ndroy of roads, that leads to the Square of Theatre. The basic proposal is accompanied with proposals for: (a) the axis of road Mena’ndroy: prudence of Square of Theatre and proposed new Square of Municipality Athenians (Mena’ndroy and Xoy’coy), in the region of National theatre. (b) the axis of road of Theatre – Varvakej’oy of Market (vertical stwn road Athina). (c) interventions in the aspects of (road of theatre from Swkra’toys up to Mena’ndroy) as third dimension of public space. More special objectives are: (i) upgrade the aesthetic and environmental quality of space. (jj) appointment of cultural elements of region. (III) prosvasjmo’tita and attribution of public space in the pedestrians. (jn) reintroduction of residence in ke’pro. (n) creation of sense of safety in the region.

CRITERIA FOR THE SELECTION OF PARTICIPANTS: Individual or legal which possess the from the law fixed authorisation of exercise of profession of architect of engineer in Greece or other state at the current provisions.

To find out more information write at info@astynet.gr