Landscape Architecture Europe 2008-2010 Call for entries

Eligible: professionals
Register/Submit: 10 January 2011
Registration fee: none

Landscape Architecture Europe is the triennial yearbook of European landscape architecture. So far, two editions have been published, Fieldwork in 2006 and On Site in 2009. The third book, again an observation of the current mindsets and corresponding design approaches in Europe, enters production now and will be published in early 2012.The book series aims to be the standard, critical review of the state of the art of European landscape architecture.

Submitted projects have to have been designed or realised in the period from 2008 to 2010. Priority is given to implemented designs and, if not realised, to strategic plans. All kinds of projects are welcome: gardens, parks, public space, rural landscapes, town planning projects and regional plans. The projects have to be commissioned projects.
Each competitor can submit a maximum of 3 projects. Entries are to consist of a maximum of 6 pages A4, featuring a text (in English), drawings, pictures and photographs. Please send in by email at (as a pdf, maximum 12 MB). The data form belowhas to be submitted too.
As at every edition, an independent selection jury will choose from the projects submitted. Authors of selected projects will be asked to provide comprehensive material in printable high quality formats and recent, royalty-free photographs.

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