Taichung Gateway Park International Competition

Eligible: professionals
Register/Submit: 25 February 2011
Registration fee: not known

Taichung City Government has been actively pursing the planning work for Taichung Gateway City in response to globalization trends, anticipated growth of Taiwan-China trade, Central Taiwan development objectives as well as Taichung’s own vision to become a livable international metropolis. The goal is to create a visionary, innovative and international urban environment while at the same time establishing close links between Central Taiwan and the rest of the world.

Taichung Gateway City covers an approximately 254-hectare area that includes the former Taichung (Shuinan) Airport and its vicinities. According to Taichung’s municipal urban plan, at the center of Taichung Gateway City will be an expansive green space—Taichung Gateway Park—that meanders from the north to the south of the entire development area with approximately 68-hectare. Areas surrounding the park will be divided into four districts according to their features: Eco Residential District, Gateway District, Cultural Business District, and Innovation R&D District. In addition, Taichung Dome, Taichung Convention and Exhibition Center, and Taiwan Tower and Taichung City Cultural Center will all be integrated into Taichung Gateway Park. Therefore, the development of the park will become the most significant milestone for Taichung Gateway City.

Besides offering extensive and winding green open space, Taichung Gateway Park will be developed as an eco-park. Utilizing renewable energies and an intelligent park management system, Taichung Gateway Park will play a pivotal role toward a successful the overall development of Taichung Gateway City. To this end, an international competition is being held to solicit visionary and innovative planning and landscaping proposals from the best design firms home and abroad.

The Taichung City Government cordially invites outstanding local and international landscape design firms to propose your vision and participate in this competition!

Total Construction Budget:
About NT$2,720,000,000. (Approximately US$ 85,000,000)

Service Fee:
The service fee for this project is 10% of the total construction cost.

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