The Core Project

Eligible: students, professionals
Register: 17 October 2011 / Submit: 24 October 2011
Registration fee: 75-150 $

The City of Sebastopol, together with The Redwood Empire Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and a group of local business sponsors, is hosting The Core Project, an international design competition to generate innovative ideas for renewing the city center.  A small town with a population of approximately 8,000 people, Sebastopol is the hub of western Sonoma County. It provides commercial and community access for roughly 50,000 people in outlying rural and residential areas but it retains a desirable small town feel.    

The goal of The Core Project is to explore how the physical presence of Sebastopol can become a more economically thriving and aesthetically vibrant place, reflecting the natural beauty of the region and the character of the community. Each entry should emphasize one or more of the following key elements: traffic, commerce, and strengthening the connection between built and natural landscapes. Additionally, entrants are urged to submit innovative, challenging but feasible proposals to implement real, comprehensive changes.  International entrants from diverse disciplines including student and professional architects, landscape architects, developers, engineers, urban planners, transportation planners, and artists are invited to participate. Multidisciplinary and collaborative design teams are strongly encouraged.    

The competition is juried and cash prizes will be awarded. There will be a public exhibition and online publication of top award winners. A follow-up forum to determine possible implementation of design ideas is planned for early 2012. Cash prizes will be based upon number of entries and will be awarded at sole discretion of the jury.

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