Landscapes in transition

Eligible: students
Register/Submit: 30 June 2012
Registration fee: none


The transformative power of landscape design in cities has raised the awareness of the value of landscape architecture in creating living environments which satisfy a wide spectrum of the qualities needed for meaningful urban living.

This student landscape architecture competition aims to achieve the following:
  • Generate new ideas about how creative landscape design significantly transforms lives in a variety of ways (directly and / or indirectly)
  • Increase the awareness of the various benefits that innovative and strategic landscape design holds for cities and towns
Identify a problematic area in your city or town (or any city or town of your choice) with rich social and cultural heritage which presents opportunities for transformation. Design the transformation of the area through the creative and strategic application of landscape systems and / or landscape infrastructure for the purpose of not only improving peoples’ lives, but simultaneously maximising the development of cultural identity. The social and visual aspects are of particular note, in the way that service delivery can be utilised as a catalyst for transforming environments into vibrant, meaningful and delightful urban places.