Edmonton City Centre Airport Lands - The Master Plan

Eligible: professionals
Register/Submit: 30 June 2010
Registration fee: none

Edmonton City Council has mandated that the lands now occupied by the Edmonton City Centre Airport be transformed into a world-class sustainable community. The City of Edmonton seeks talented and creative minds to prepare a master plan for this strategic property in the core of the City.

The revitalization of approximately 217 hectares of land in the heart of Edmonton represents an opportunity for Edmonton to place itself at the forefront of global cities that are seeking to establish the highest standards for sustainability to foster a living, working, and learning environment of unparalleled environmental and social quality.

The mission is to undertake a master planning exercise that will guide the long term development of a new community for families, parks and open space, places of work, cultural and educational institutions, and other amenities connected with a new Light Rail Transit (LRT) line to downtown. The mission is to provide Edmontonians with a range of lifestyle choices that embody a sustainable live style through the incorporation of design features, land uses, building practices, materials and assemblies, and technologies that will minimize the ecological footprint of this community.

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