Eligible: students, professionals
Register/Submit: 13 July 2010
Registration fee: none
Prize: 2 500 $

railLA is calling for submissions of projects and ideas for an exhibition on the urban possibilities associated with a new rail infrastructure. Submissions will explore the positive impact transit will have on our American Cities, and specifically on downtown Los Angeles.

Submissions are not meant to be technical studies or expert designs. Rather they should focus on appealing to citizens on a practical, emotional and social level. Furthermore, submissions should show how future citizens of a transit enabled Southern California – or specifically Los Angeles – will experience and enjoy their typical day. The primary goal of this Call is to show how rail can help us recapture our individual American dream. As such, submissions should illustrate:
  • How will a re-envisioned urbanism for California benefit residents, businesses, and the development community?
  • How will it benefit or improve public services? How will it make public services more affordable and accessible?
  • How will it improve the local, county and state economies?
  • How will it improve or re-invigorate the California lifestyle?
  • How will a re-envisioned urbanism for California make us more sustainable or more ‘Green’?
  • What will a typical day in our lives look like in this re-envisioned California urbanism?
  • What will be improved? What will we be able to do that we cannot do now?
  • What can we learn from other cities around the world; Cities that have already addressed and evolved their individual culture with integrated intermodal transportations systems that include HSR?
  • Very broadly speaking, how will increased mobility through rail affect our personal freedom, our physical freedom and our quality of life?
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