Spark Awards 2010

Eligible: students, professionals
Register/Submit: 10 October 2010
Registration fee: 150-375 $

Welcome to the Spark 2010 Competition, designers! The Spark Awards are the exciting new competition created to promote great design and designers and encourage people to explore their creativity. We invite everyone to participate--designers, art directors, architects, design firms, manufacturers, institutions, ad agencies and students may enter, interact and enjoy Sparking. 

Graphics, product design, transportation and architecture are just a few of the many design categories accepted. Our Criteria are modern and compelling. If you or your company create great designs, don’t miss the opportunity to compete in this important event. 

For 2010 Spark International, we've decided to simplify the entry process, to make everyone's life a liitle less hectic at deadline time. The main way we'll achieve this is to utilize a single-phase entry system. (Note that regional Spark Partner organizations may vary.) In years past, we had a preliminary phase which is now eliminated. Now there is one fee per entry, the same total amount as in prior years if you became a finalist. 

We ask that you upload images of your work and a description, as before, and when it's time for the live jury, to ship your work or boards to the judging site. All work entered and received by deadline will be judged by the live jury.  Winners are awarded either a prestigious Finalist, Bronze Spark, Silver Spark, Gold Spark or the ultimate Spark! Award.