SLANT competition

Eligible: students
Register: 15 April 2011 / Submit: 10 June 2011
Registration fee: 30-75 €
Prize: 750-3000 €


The international competition for the SLANT AWARDS is being held this year for the first time
and on this occasion is aimed exclusively at students of Landscape Architecture and Landscape

The central idea behind this challenge is that the project in question is a "virtual project", one
that has been created specifically for this competition. 

What you are being invited to do is to create a concept design for a public park, one which will not
only serve the needs of the citizens of this city, but which will also aim to achieve iconic status
and in so doing will enhance the international reputation of the city. 

You will see from the brief that we are looking here at urban renewal, with the project being set
on a vacant site in a riverside location. 

This competition has been designed to offer students an interesting challenge with what we believe
are interesting rewards, and we have tried to keep it as simple as possible. 

You can enter as often as you like, either as an individual, or as a team of 2 or 3,
and an entry fee will be charged accordingly. 

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