Suburbia Transformed 2.0

Eligible: students, professionals
Register: 17 February 2012 / Submit: 9 March 2012
Registration fee: 35-95 $

The goal of Suburbia Transformed 2.0 is to promote and celebrate residential designs that go beyond “green” by explicitly using sustainable strategies, tactics and technologies to enrich the aesthetic spatial experience of people. ST 2.0 will assemble contemporary projects achieving this goal into an exhibition and catalogue.

The emphasis is on how such sustainable landscapes can be beautiful, inspiring, perhaps profound; and serve as examples for transforming the suburban residential fabric, one garden at a time. Significantly, this year’s version, ST 2.0, invites the submission of visionary (unbuilt) work, along with built projects. Our hope is to trigger an instructive dialog between design that has been built and that which is untethered to the construction process. Such a curatorial stance has the additional benefit of opening up the competition to students, as well as professionals.

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